Mother's Day Appreciation

This year, I wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day. Because mothers truly deserve to be recognized and appreciated. I decided to offer portrait sessions for mothers and their little ones. These sessions blew me away and left me almost speechless each time. Being able to capture these mamas with their little ones, was so special. What can be more special for a mother than looking back at moments like these; when they’re needing to hold your hand to jump off the curb, hugging you with all their might, insisting that you smell a flower by pushing it to your face, or smothering you with kisses. These moments and so much more. These are photographs to remember when they are no longer little.


This first session truly inspired me to pursue this idea. The lovely Zoryana and her girls, Ava, Isla:

Upon meeting Zori, you instantly see her joy and beauty that radiate from within. She shows grace and patience. Her calm, sweet demeanor is shown especially when she is with her children. She is a mother that dreams big and is inspired to do more. She spends so much time investing into her children, by staying home with them.

Viktoriya, her daughter Sophia, and newborn Seth.

Viktoriya is such a beautiful and down to earth mama. She is graceful and passionate all at the same time. There is nothing she can’t do; she is multi-talented! I love watching her be a mother to Sophia and Seth. It comes so naturally to her, and you can really see how much she loves her family.

Lana and her son Oliver:

Lana is someone who will go above and beyond for someone she cares about (not even exaggerating). She's super humble and doesn’t acknowledged enough for her efforts. She ain’t no millennial mom. She can clean the whole house in under five minutes, while cooking dinner. Oliver is super lucky to have her as his mother.

Yana with her daughters:

Yana is an amazing, strong mother. As a sister, watching from the sidelines, i’m amazed how perfectly she fit into the role of a mother once her firstborn arrived. She has shown how beautiful motherhood can be, selfless, and little encouraged in our society today. Yet she’s always so real about the struggles of being a mother, with a twist of humor especially now that she has a newborn and toddler. She’s spends a lot of time with her girls, encouraging them to be strong and brave. By choosing to be a stay at home mom, always putting in time and prayers, you see it reflect in the behavior of her children.

Inna and her children:

Inna has a big heart. She loves. She serves. She gives of herself selflessly to her family, children, her husband, and to people all around her. She’s a nurturing mother and a prayer warrior. Her mission as a mother is for her children to know God and see His love through the way she loves and cares for them.

Larisa with her girls:

She’s a young mom of two, running her own studio, and supporting her husband’s business all at once. Literal mom goals. She’s an outgoing mom, always making time to go to parks, walks, and dates with her kiddos. Larisa is always joyful, super generous, honest… and stylish of course!

Angela and her little Neveah:

There’s always that one word that can describe the way a person acts, carries themselves, their attitude, and their way of life. That one sweet and perfect word for Angela would be humble. I am so thankful to have met a person who has such a kind and beautiful soul. Someone that is constantly filled with peace and kindness. A perfect creation and example of God’s love. Her beloved daughter Neveah Grace is her heart and soul. Her sweet little ray of sunshine that her mommy cannot live without. Out of all the gifts in the world, a loving mother is the greatest of them all.

marina lopuga