The Proposal

October 24th, 2017 was one of the sweetest, most treasured evenings. My sister, Vicki and her fiance, Ben had been together for quite a few years, so everyone knew they would be getting married within the next year or so. When Ben finally texted me about "helping him surprise Vicki", I replied "it's about time". Vicki is so easy to surprise and I was over the moon in helping plan this evening. We rented Monet Vineyard, a private home in Battle Ground WA. Ben just about bought all of IKEA's candles for this proposal. The day of, I convinced Vicki to go get her nails done with me and that later I would need her help with a photoshoot. Picking her up from work, we headed to the location. Once we arrived, she asked if she could take a nap in the car instead. I'm so thankful she listened to my reasoning and actually got out with me. We walked through the gate and made our way down to the steps of the home. Even after seeing the candles, Vicki did not realize what was going on. She commented on how random but cute it was, an continued walking. Then Ben saw us, stepped out from hiding and called her name. Her reaction was so genuine and emotion filled. This was my favorite proposal by far and I seriously can't wait for their wedding day this summer!

marina lopuga