2017 For the Win

        My collection of photos from throughout the year. Two thousand seventeen could not have been better. This year, I found myself in Tete, Mozambique. It was a month full of smiles, singing, hair braiding, sunshine, back of the truck riding, and Jesus. This year me and Victoria partnered in our very first photo and video giveaway, where we had two of the sweetest winning couples. This year I watched the most beautiful sunrises I have yet seen, from the top of the mountain to the scenic Gorge. This year we celebrated and met our newest addition to the family, Baby Benjamin. This year I photographed my very first two weddings and got to work alongside many talented creatives. This year I helped plan and photographed the most beautiful proposal for my sweet sister. I did the most photoshoots yet, from shooting in rose gardens to tree farms to golden fields. I am honestly blessed with the prettiest and best humans, families, and couples. 
God has been way too good to me.

marina lopuga